"Diamonds are forever."
~Ian Fleming
White Etched Bone with Star Diamond Pendant $400Red Coral with Heart Diamond Pendant $400Tiger's Eye with Diamond Flower Pendanr $400Turquoise Wrap with Pave Bead  $200Turqouise with Diamond Peace Sign Pendant $400Bone with Oval Inlaid DIamond Bead $600 (SOLD)Special Order Samples 
Gold Skull 
Wood and 3 Diamond Beads 
Prices Upon RequestEbony and Oval Diamond Bead $500Long Beaded Chain with Oval Diamond Pendant $500 Antique Bone with Inlaid Rose Cut Diamond Bead $800Antique Bone with Pave Diamond Rondelle $300Apple Turquoise with Oval Inlaid Diamond Bead $700Ebony with Inlaid Rose Cut Diamond Bead $800Ebony with Pave Diamond Peace Sign $200Ebony with Round Inlaid Diamond Rose Cut Bead  $800Small Turquoise Rondelle with Pave Diamond Bead  $180Apple Turquoise with Pave Diamond Bead $400