Sisco Family Jewels bracelets are handmade from a carefully chosen selection of new and vintage beads, including oxidized metal, gold vermeil, sterling silver, African brass, wood, horn, natural gemstones, bone, crystal, fresh water pearls and Czech glass. The centerpiece of many bracelets is a gold vermeil or gold-filled stardust bead, which sparkles like glitter and adds a touch of pizzazz to any combination.  Some designs also offer a bit of whimsy with hand-made charms.

For a one-of-a-kind look, stack the bracelets in any combination.

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The Essential Collection of 35 different bracelets, consists of Basics, Fillers, Naturals and Colors.  The Basics are our most popular styles in a wide variety of materials, colors and textures.  Fillers are gold or silver tone accent strands, which complete the look of any stack. Naturals are made of wood, bone or horn.   Our Color bracelets come in combinations of four colors: blue, green, purple and pink. These collections can be mixed and matched in an endless variety of combinations.* 

Bracelets from the Wrap Collection, can be wrapped around the arm several times to create a layered look or can be worn as a necklace.  For a little bit of added color and fun, check out the Arm Candy Collection which are tiny, interchangeable bracelets made of small glass beads; some also come wiith charms.

Our Diamond and Precious Gems Collections use diamond charms, diamond beads and ruby, emerald or sapphire beads.  Some of these are special order items.

All of the profits from our Teal Collection will go to help raise funds for
the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Our newest designs are the Vintage Collection.  These one-of-a-kind bracelets are made from vintage components combined with our traditional beaded bracelets.  And because we're always coming up with new ideas, some of which are limited by the availability of materials, we've put together a Limited Editions Collection, which is a constantly changing assortment of our newest finds. 

Click on the links on this page or from the main menu to view and order a single strand from our collections  Then build a one-of-a-kind combination set to reflect your own unique style*

*Just a reminder: the bracelets shown here are a representative sample.  We can't guarantee we'll always have exactly what you see, but we can probably come close. We have many more available, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just send us an email and we'll let you know what else we have. 
Green Morning DewPurple HappinessWarm Cappucino Down to EarthMy Mother's Blue EyesAutumn MoonBones and Brown Dots.Golden Brick CharmsCrazy LemonWarm Summer Night
"These gems have life in them:
Their colors speak, say what words fail of."
~George Eliot